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Problems Growing & Grooming Your Beard?
The BEARD GROWTH SYSTEM Has Everything You Need For An Awesome Beard & 100% Organic Nutrients Good For You!
Only $19 ($250)
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IDEAL BEARD GROWTH SYSTEM has been tested and proven with over 100,000 beards and hair types. It has potent organic conditioning and moisturizing vitamins, nutrients and minerals to help grow the best beard possible. After a few weeks of treatment your beard will feel softer, thicker and be stronger due to the natural conditioners in this tested and proven formula. 

Thousands of people have trusted IDEAL beard care products to help them grow, thicken, style and maintain healthier beards.

Over 90% of customers noticed improvement in beard growth, less irritation, easier management and softer beards in only 3-5 weeks of use.
IDEAL BEARD GROWTH SYSTEM is 100% all-natural and organic. There aren't any toxic or harmful chemicals that will irritate or scar your skin like with other cheap beard products on the market. 

Our ingredients are made from the finest organic, pure cold-pressed essential oils, vitamins and nutrients to help thicken hair and stimulate hair growth within weeks.

Handcrafted nutrients work to heal and repair dry or damaged hair, rejuvenate hair follicles and bring your beard back to life. 
Everything Needed for Your Awesome Beard
✔️ BEARD GROWTH TREATMENT - World's First Premium 3-in-1 All-Natural Beard & Face Treatment to Grow a Healthier Beard, Fight Acne and Nourish Your Skin ($40 Value)
✔️ BEARD GROWTH SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER - All-natural shampoo and conditioner concentrated to cleanse your beard while and provide hair growth nutrients deep within your roots. ($20 Value)
✔️ BEARD GROWTH VITAMINS - Formulated with 10+ beard-building super nutrients. Packed full of proven supplements like, Biotin, Folic Acid, B12 and Zinc! ($25 Value)
✔️ BEARD BALM - Natural beard balm has a clean refreshing subtle scent to help manage and tame your beard! ($18 Value)
✔️ BEARD COMB - Helps to style and smoothen your beard for a softer, cool, clean finish! ($12 Value)
✔️ BEARD BRUSH - High quality double-sided wooden beard brush to style your beard without irritating the skin! ($15 Value)
✔️ BEARD TRIMMER - Crafted to precision to trim, snip and style your beard and mustache! ($12 Value)
✔️ BEARD STYLING CUTTER - Finest quality all-purpose beard, mustache, nose and ear cutter with stainless steel razor edge blades to keep you looking clean and stylish! ($30 Value)
✔️ TOP 50 BOSS BEARD STYLE GUIDE - DIY style guide to have the freshest, coolest LIT beard in town! ($20 Value)
✔️ FREE SHIPPING - For every order today, we'll upgrade you to free shipping and delivery anywhere in the US! ($12 Value)
✔️ IDEAL CLUB - Exclusive VIP access to free grooming tips, videos, resources and community to share ideas and network for all of our IDEAL customers as long as you're a member! ($100 Value)
✔️ GUARANTEE - If this isn't the best beard you've ever had, we'll give you a 60-Day unconditional money-back guarantee! 
The BEARD GROWTH SYSTEM provides everything you need for an awesome beard! To help clean, style and grow a healthier beard while fighting acne and nourishing your skin or your money back guaranteed.
Limited Supplies Today! 
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Only $19 ($250)
Free shipping today, then only $19/mo. 
Kevin, IDEAL Member
This is FIRE!!!
"Good Looks IDEAL! I got this package in the mail and in a couple days. Good service. My beard is looking thick and full. My favorite is the Amazing Beard Oil! Thanks."
Ryan C, IDEAL  Member
IDEAL is one of my new favorites! 
"The 3-in-1 beard, face & acne treatment keeps my beard looking on point after a long shift in the Emergency Room. And the #sunglassesatnight keeps things fun. This is the finest all-natural organic ingredients to grow a healthier beard, fight acne and nourish your skin. (Side note: I don’t have acne, but I make sure to care for my skin to prevent it.) It smells fantastic!"
Ranjith, IDEAL Member
LIT Beard Package!
"When I opened this I was like WOW this is very HIGH QUALITY! Nothing like this on the market. Really like 3 n 1 beard oil. In the hot days this helps keep my skin and beard on point. Worth every penny."
Jonny K, IDEAL  Barber
"As a barber I try a lot of products and beard oils for me and my clients. IDEAL by far and away is the best shit on the MARKET! It's refreshing, cool and has an awesome scent. The beard growth vitamins are great too. Was lucky to get an online deal. Now I order in bulk, thanks BOSS!"
Heather B, IDEAL Member
Grabbed this for the Holiday special! 
"My Husband loves the beard products! I still can't believe how much you get for the box. Great value and offer. I really enjoy the aroma of the beard products. Perfect for my hairy man :)"
Dennis, IDEAL Member
I Really LOVE This BEARD KIT!!! 
"I got the beard kit by IDEAL to help me with my beard for No-shave November. Perfect gift for any man. The beard oil smell is cool and refreshing. It's soothing to the skin and feels great when it's on my beard and face. I think it's working great helping me grow a thicker and fuller beard. I love the story behind the brand and that their products are all-natural!"
Daniel, IDEAL  Member
I'm Digging This Beard Kit!
"I'm digging this beard kit from IDEAL! Everything about this is great! Cool that it helps with my skin too. I got this because I wanted to have the best beard possible. Thanks guys!" 
Jeff, IDEAL Member
Works good for my beard and skin!
"I have psoriasis – it is such a pain. Flaky skin in hair and bridge or nose, in eyebrows, goatee and ears. I use this at my temples, nose and other areas and have had no problems. As I get older I need to take care of my body and IDEAL has some great kits that are all natural. Thank you."
When I was a teenager I started to have issues with my hair, beard and face. I felt like a pathetic loser because I was having skin problems and couldn't even grow a "manly" beard like other people. I would be so insecure that I would not even go outside, talk to people or go to events because I was scared of them laughing at me.

I spent over 12 long years and thousands of dollars trying to find solutions, pills, peels and medicine for my hair, face and skin. But none of it worked. Honestly it caused more problems and irritated my hair and skin and it got worse! 

Then I finally started finding all-natural organic ingredients that started to work on my hair and skin. I started seeing results and wanted to help out other people who had the same issues as me.

This is the reason why I started IDEAL for Men.

Today, I feel better than ever and I'm making it a mission to help 1-Million Men become the ideal version of themselves by providing them the confidence to look and feel great about themselves!

IDEAL is a grooming, health, fitness and lifestyle brand that empowers men to strive for an ideal version of themselves, to live a more fulfilling, happy and phenomenal life. We provide all-natural and organic products that help you look and feel good.

We offer 100% all-natural organic products that have been used for centuries in other cultures around the World. These are proven time-tested natural remedies, vitamins, oils and nutrients for your hair, skin, face and body. Our products promote healing, blood circulation, growth and feel good when you put them on.

Every man has a purpose. Dreams and goals motivate you. Family and friends look up to you. Be the best version of yourself. 

IDEAL is a true believer in giving back. 10% of our profits are donated to charities, non-profits and organizations that support the community.

Feeding America
Combating the fight against hunger with starving children, senior citizens and families who are struggling to put food on the table. We provide them thousands of meals and support to help feed these struggling people all across the country.

Local Education Grants
Helping low-income children and teenagers in impoverished situations where their families can't afford to provide for them, the opportunity to get grants, mentoring and scholarships. 

American Red Cross
Every 8-minutes someone is in need of support. Tragedies from disasters plague our country every month. So we make it our mission to donate our time, money and support those who need help. 

As a IDEAL Member your support helps the cause.
Money-Back Guarantee: If this isn't the Best Beard of Your Life, then IDEAL provides a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. Return the products for full a refund within 60-days of purchase. 
IDEAL offers free, fast and reliable shipping to entire North America within 3-5 business days. We have Rush Priority shipping available if you need it faster! 
- Mark Henry, WWE Superstar & Former Strongest Man
"I love what IDEAL is doing and giving back... I walk around with this Beard as a sign of WISDOM... I've been strong my whole life physically, internally & mentally. I talk the talk and I walk the walk, do the same!"
- MJ Johnson, World Beard & Moustache Champion
"IDEAL is about empowering the members. Let's continue growing this community!"
Limited Supplies Today! Click "Add To Cart" for FREE Shipping!
Only $19 ($250)
Free shipping today, then only $19/mo. 
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